Open Projects

Open Projects

Here is a list of projects that I have worked on in the past and still play around with sometimes.  Some of them are more polished than others.  Most of these can be found on github here.


This is a jquery select box.  It uses only jquery UI and the default css classes for styling.  It results in a nice cross-browser select menu from your default select menu items.  Fairly light weight at 1.7kb in its condensed version.

  • supports standard event hooks
  • uses native css classes from your Jquery UI
  • Lightweight

View it here.

Image Preloader

This is a jquery based image preloader.  It basically gives an API for managing a page that needs to load images dynamically.  It essentially builds a hash table with a reference to the image Object for easy lookup.  It handles the dynamic loading of these images and gives a callback for once the images are loaded.  Fairly polished and documented.

  • Lightweight
  • Handles image loading and callbacks
  • Easy API for dynamically loading and accessing images

View it here.

Fancy Pager and Pagination

This was a project I made a while ago for really no reason.  It might be useful for someone.  It does some fun things and has a nice API.  Really gives a nice pagination feature for dynamically loading content.  Anyway, check it out and have fun.

View it here.

  • Dynamically load content
  • Pagination
  • Enforce page view ordering

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